Crossing Bridges V 5.0 – A Cambodian Journey, 11 -16 November 2008


Crossing Bridges V 5.0 – A Cambodian Journey, 11 -16 November 2008

Hello everyone

The annual Crossing Bridges trip enters its 5th year and the destination this year is Siem Reap, Cambodia, and its surrounding area.

The Crossing Bridges project, through its annual trips, aims to gather photographers from various on line Asian photography forums to foster friendship, networking and understanding among photographers of participating countries.

2007 PhotoMalaysia hosted CB4 in Tawau, Sempoerna and Maiga Island in Sabah.
2006 were hosts for CB3 in Sapa and Hanoi.

2005 Clubsnap organized CB2 to Hong Kong & Macau.

2004 was the pioneering Crossing Bridges Project. CB1 was hosted by of Indonesia who took us on an unforgettable trip to Central Java.

All previous Crossing Bridges projects were thoroughly enjoyed by participants and lasting friendships across borders have been created and maintained.
This year, CB5 will be taking place in Siem Reap, Cambodia with photography forum members from Singapore (, Malaysia (, Indonesia ( and Vietnam (

Crossing Bridges V 5 is a 6 day trip from 11 to 16 November (Tuesday to Sunday).

Is this going to be a fun trip? Please check with participants from previous years for their comments….

Overall total group size is limited to 45 photographers with no more than 11 forum members from each country.

Pre-qualifying conditions for forum participants are as follows:

* Keen Photographers willing to share/learn Photography Skills
* An easy-going, friendly personality keen to mingle, have fun, and looking to build photography centered friendships across ASEAN
* A sense of humour
* Able to rough it out if necessary.
* Able to go with little sleep
* Easy with food choices (we’ve made meal arrangements for any Muslim brothers who might be joining us)
* Able to wake up early before sunrise on most days
* Able to secure Air Tickets to be in Siem Reap on Tuesday 11th November and return on 16th November

* Places are limited to only 11 forum members per country, so accompanying spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends will not be considered.
* Although places will generally be on a First Come First Served basis, in order to have a balanced team, acceptances will be at the discretion of the organizing chairman of each country. For Singapore, that will be myself.

Cost for the trip (land only) is a mere US$185

Interested guys and ladies please send me a PM to register…… as is usual, your spot is confirmed after receipt of the payment of US$185.

Because its US$ …. I will need to collect it in cash (I apologize, I do not have a US$ bank account)…… I prefer this because then I have no risk of a shift in the value of US$ against me if I collect in Singapore Dollars now and convert later.

For those who are paying in Singapore Dollars equivalent, the cost is equivalent SG$270 (I included a slight buffer to protect myself against the USD appreciating) ….. I can receive this via cheque or a transfer of the Singapore Dollars into my POSBANK savings account 021-12076-6. I

f you do it this way, PLEASE sms me your transaction number so that I can tag it as being from you and not someone else…… my mobile number is 96611331

UNLIKE other years where I slog through the ticket booking process for the group, once you are confirmed in the group, you are THEN required to go book the plane ticket online yourself.

From Singapore 2 airlines fly to Siem Reap……Silkair and Tigerairway. have flights departing Singapore on 11 November. Air Asia also has flights on those days too departing from KL…… 
IF you like to arrive a day/week or two earlier, please go ahead….. I will advise you where to meet in Siem Reap on 11 November (DAY 1)

The USD 185 for the trip includes

* 5 nights accommodation on twin sharing basis.
* Local Transportation.
* Airport to Hotel to Airport transfers.
* Service fees of Guides.
* All major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
* Boats rental for Tonle SapLake expedition.
* Supply of mineral water and fruits for everyone daily on the Coaches.
* Temple meals and donations.
* Rehabilitation center donation.
* Possible Freebies (still negotiating with sponsors)
This does NOT Include

* 3 Day visitor pass into Angkor (USD40)
* Airport Departure Tax (USD25)
* Cambodia Visa cost (US$20 + 2 passport photos-Visa application done at SiemReapAirport on arrival)

* Air ticket to/from Siem Reap

The proposed itinerary includes:

Visits to both major and less-visited temples of Angkor
Visit to the Landmine Victims Rehabilitation Centre
Visits to local working temples
Visit to non-tourist real floating fishing village on Tonle Sap
Visit to non-tourist markets
Shooting opportunities abound for folks who are into Landscape, Architecture and Human Interest/Photojournalistic subjects

The final detailed itinerary will be provided to participants.

There will be a gathering in Singapore for confirmed participants to get to know one another first a couple of weeks before we leave


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