2014 Crossing Bridges 11 dates are OUT !!



1 to 7 November 2014

7 Days and 6 Nights

Location : South Korea starting at Incheon

Theme :  Autumn Colors of Korea

More information will be updatd in a couple of days time

Tour Course:

Incheon, Jeongsun, Samcheok, Kyungju, Cheongju and Seoul

Distance covered about 1000km

Expected Participating countries







Sri Lanka

PRC China

Taiwan China

Participants per country :  15 to 20 pax

Check costs via PM in Clubsnap to ed9119 (Eddie Ng)

Participation fees include:

6 nights accomodation

All Meals

Airport Shuttle

Land Transportation

Models’ Fees

Prizes and other Gifts







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