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Crossing Bridges 8 2011 – Vietnam

  This year is hosting Crossing Bridges 8 which will be held in the South east hills and coastal region of Vietnam Crossing Bridges is an annual trip by forum members from the various photography forums around ASEAN. This trip has been an ongoing event since 2004 bringing photographers to Indonesia (twice), Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Malaysia and ... Read More »

Crossing Bridges 6 2009 – Wild wild West Sumatra

From the Indonesian Organizing Committee “The changing world” is a term we often hear through the media. Regardless of the meaning and the truth behind the phrase, photographers are here to capture the state of the present and changes happening around the world. Often through these photograph we glimpse our future. The universality of a photograph is tested nowadays as ... Read More »


WHAT is Crossing Bridges ? Crossing Bridges Project is an annual photography gathering of Asian Photography Forums and Photography Societies for a week of networking, friend-making, bridge-building and photography. The primary aim is to network and find out about what is happening in other countries on the photography and imaging fronts. Friend-making amongst photographers from different countries also opens up ... Read More »