Crossing Bridges V2.0 2005 Photo Trip – Hong Kong And Macau

Crossing Bridges V2.0 2005 Photo Trip – Hong Kong And Macau

We had a great time during the Photo trip to Central Java in May 2004 where 3 online photo forums from Indonesia and Singapore got together for 4 days of shooting, networking and relationship building with fellow photographers.

This year’s trip will be held in Hong Kong and Macau over 5 days from 31 August to 4 September 2005. Apart from getting forum members from ClubSNAP, Offstone and (Indonesia), this year’s trip will also welcome participants from PhotoMalaysia forums.

We’re keeping costs down to a bare minimum so that means:
1. air travel will be on budget airlines
2. land transport will be mostly on the subways (MTR) and buses
3. accommodations will be at a clean and safe Guesthouse (backpacker style) either in Kowloon or HK Island

The construction of the trip’s itinerary will lean towards shooting in Hong Kong’s less trodden paths, heritage areas and nature walks (YES Hong Kong is a lot more than Kowloon, Wanchai and Tsim Tsa Tsui).

Details of the itinerary will be announced shortly but rest assured, it will be an interesting one, as the participants of last year’s trip can attest to.

Some links to check out:…ts/index.jhtml…i_139665.jhtml…ng/index.jhtml…lk_walk5.jhtml

As per 2004, plans are also on the drawing boards to hold at least 2 exhibitions of images from this trip….. one in Singapore and one in Indonesia and possibly one in Malaysia. So expect to be encouraged to submit some of your favorite images from the trip for a selection process for the exhibitions.

Out of a total of 35 places, a TOTAL of 10 places have been set aside for Singapore (and Singapore based ) photographers from ClubSNAP and Offstone . The cost for each participating photographer is S$490 and includes:

1. roundtrip Singapore-HK-Singapore air ticket including all taxes
2. triple sharing accommodation for 4 nights
3. HK-Macau-HK ferry ticket
4. Trip gifts and prizes

Out of your own pocket:
1. Budget for your own meals (S$100+ depending on how much u eat)
2. Set aside about S$80 for MTR transport, 2 way Airport Express tickets, Octupus cards etc etc transport allowance

What you need to have about the trip:
1. a great open-minded attitude
2. enthusiasm and eagerness to learn from one another
3. helping out non-Chinese/Cantonese speaking bros if they need your help translating
4. being a gentleman if some of the participating ladies need help with their heavy/bulky equiptment
5. in keeping the snoring to a minimum as we’ll be triple or quad sharing

YES, we are currently negotiating with potential sponsors to donate prizes, pay for a couple of major meals, trip t-shirts etc. The trip is happening in end August but because of negotiations with airlines for discounted tickets, I will need to get a list of names confirmed going asap.

YES, it is likely that several photo magazines will be covering the event and coming along. Apart from coverage, they’ll be living with us and are open to helping participants with various types of advise.

All interested parties, pls put your name down here and PM me for details on payment. Places will only be considered reserved upon confirmation of payment. Any and all savings from further airline or accomotion discounts will be returned at the end of the trip.

So, don’t wait! This is a great opportunity for a fantastic photographic experience! Places are v limited!


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