Crossing Bridges 7 – Western Visayas 2010


credit : Dewi Sergio

After their first participation at the 2009 explosive Crossing Bridges 6 in Indonesia, the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) led by Ms Eduviges Huang and her team immediately took up the challenge of hosting Crossing Bridges 7 in the Western Visayas

Many visitors have been to Cebu City and the famous resort island of Mactan.  The Organizers decided to open our eyes to the other beautiful parts of their islands from Cebu province to Negros Occidental through to Iloilo.  Few outside photographers have shot this area of the Philippines and most foreigners do not know the area well.

Through the tireless efforts of Icky Salazar (Cebu) , Carlito ‘Kaka’ Felicien (Cebu),  Carlos Garcia (Iloilo), Billy Loupe (Bacolod) and many many important members within the Western Visayas , a weeklong trip celebrating the area was organized.

The Governer, Ms Gwen Garcia and many officials and mayors of the many towns we visited threw in their support behind Crossing Bridges 7 with full hearts to make it a resounding success

Full security and medical covers were provided the entire trip with great food and constant festivities all day and all night long

toledo police eddie and swat joy2

We made so many new friendships that week with so many photographers from that reagion

The following images will give a very clear idea of the good huge impresions we have of Western Visayas.

Its good also to report that since that trip, many side trips by various groups of photographers from the region has begun visiting this beautiful part of the Philippines especially for its street  carnivals like Dinagiang, Sinulog, Pinta Flores

olympus users nikonians facebook journalist jump

participants manny kok wee lawrence kok wee and ted kok wee and ted 2 jump iphone users group shoot

longpt kokwee kokwee3 borg yi chao 2 sleeping participants kok wee lawrence cb7 banner canonites




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