Crossing Bridges 6 2009 – Wild wild West Sumatra

Crossing Bridges 6 2009 – Wild wild West Sumatra

From the Indonesian Organizing Committee

“The changing world” is a term we often hear through the media.

Regardless of the meaning and the truth behind the phrase, photographers are here to capture the state of the present and changes happening around the world. Often through these photograph we glimpse our future.

The universality of a photograph is tested nowadays as a testimony to those changes. As such, it is only natural for a photographer to start embracing the universal values of humanity and starts binding together in both friendship and fellowship.

Friendship and fellowship are the 2 main themes of the Crossing Bridges regional- photographers’ gathering in South-East Asia. Crossing Bridges consists of photographers from Singapore (ClubSNAP), Malaysia (PhotoMalaysia), Vietnam (, and Indonesia ( each represented by the biggest photographers’ community in each countries. This year the project welcomes the participantion of Federation of Philippino Photographers Foundation (FPPF) (

This yearly event started in 2004 when Indonesia hosted the inaugural event in Central Java.

In 2009, Crossing Bridges 6 returns to Indonesia after having traversed Jogjakarta, Hong Kong, Macau, Semporna, Hanoi, Sapa and Siem Reap during past editions. CB6 will be hosted by (FN) in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra.

The event will follow, Ied Holiday for the Moslems, enabling participants to get glimpses of the festivities in sorrounding areas (if schedule fits), as well as capturing the sorrounding beauties, culture, and general humanity sceneries.

The Organizing Committee at
2009 Crossing Bridges 6


*Date and Fees Schedules*
Crossing Bridges 6 will be held between Sunday 27 September 2009 to Friday 2 October,
2009 in Bukittinggi – Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia. Singapore contingent read below please for our dates…

For Singapore Contingent ….Due to flights available on Tiger Airways on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the Singapore contingent will DEPART A DAY EARLY on Saturday 26 September and RETURN TO SINGAPORE A DAY LATER on Saturday 3 October …… yes its 8 days in total…. we look after our own accomodation and meals on those extra days 26 Sept and 2-3 October….. FN committee will be able to look after us on these days…or we can explore around on our own

The event costs SG$495

The participation price is for land expenses (accomodation, transportation, meals and other expenses) and EXCLUDES AIRFARE.

IF the US$/SG$ goes above 1.5000 participants might have to top up a little bit more ….. it is currently around 1.45 not so we’re still OK.

I have to make payment in US Dollars so its important that I get your Singapore Dollars early and quickly to avoid undue risk to currency fluctuations.

*Participants and Quotas*
Participants are the members of each respected community from each country.
There is a maximum 11-person quota for each country including team leader. After reaching the quota, a waiting list will be utilized for each country.

Qualified participants should meet the following criteria:

1. Keen Photographers willing to share/learn Photography Skills
2. An easy-going, friendly personality keen to mingle, have fun, and looking to build photography centered friendships across ASEAN
3. A sense of humour
4. Able to rough it out if necessary.
5. Able to go with little sleep
6. Easy with food choices
7. Able to wake up early before sunrise on most days
8. Places are limited to only 11 forum members per country, so spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends will not be considered.
9. Although places will generally be on a First Come First Served basis, in order to have a balanced team of first time participants and repeat participants, acceptances will be at the discretion of the organizing chairman of each country (Singapore : ed9119).

*Registrations and Payments*
Payment and registration will be organized locally by each community.

So guys, if you’re keen and the dates fit your schedule, please send me a PM or email me at with the following details:

1. Full name as printed in passport
2. Address
3. Passport number and expiration date
4. Phone number or Mobile phone number

10 names will be selected randomly and confirmations will be sent via mobile phone SMS by Friday 31 July (yes, NEXT Friday)

These 10 names will have up to MONDAY 3 August to make payment.

2. As in every year in the past, ONCE you have sent the $$$ pls sms me that you have done so and QUOTE A TRANSACTION NUMBER for me to verify

Payment should be made in full and sent to :

POSBANK SAVINGS account number 021-12076-6

Your confirmation and Registration is complete when the payment has been made.

FAQ “What if I am late paying?”

Reply: If you have NOT paid before MIDNIGHT on Monday night 3 August…. DO NOT SEND $$$ on 4 Aug …. your name will be dropped and a new name will be drawn from the waiting list. (Really paiseh and sorry this has to be implemented…. we had a couple of jokers from earlier years who kept the entire project budget on hold when they were late with payments.

FAQ “When should I book my plane ticket?”

Reply: Once you have been chosen AND you are ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU CAN PAY UP BEFORE THE DEADLINE you can go ahead and book your plane ticket. I suggest booking Tiger Airways departing Singapore to Padang (the nearest international airport to Bukittinggi) on Saturday 26 September and RETURN TO SINGAPORE on Saturday 3 October

IF you decide to arrive MUCH earlier than above recommended dates OR stay longer or go off on your own after the trip…. please go ahead

Itinerary will be posted in a few mins time…….. need to take my dinner and shower up…. been a long day.

You can start PM’ing or emailing your intention to participate starting….. NOW


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