Crossing Bridges

Crossing Bridges1 Jogjakarta – 2004

In early 2000 digital photography was at its very infancy with 2mp cameras being top of the range and the internet phenomenon just beginning to gain foothold Most of us were still on film cameras in 2000 with small numbers converting to digital photography.  Photoshop was a strange animal to us and spot metering was still a high end luxury ... Read More »

Crossing Bridges 8 Vietnam 2011

  Vietnam originally organized Crossing Bridges 3 with a programme based in the northern capital city of Hanoi moving through picturisque Halong Bay and further north into the mountain region of Sapa in 2006.  It was their FIRST time participating in Crossing Bridges and they put together a fantastic trip without any prior first hand participation experience. During that same ... Read More »

Crossing Bridges 10 Team Submissions 2013 Singapore

Group 1 Submission —————————————————— Group 2 Submission —————————————————— Group 3 Submission ——————————————————- Group 4 Submission ——————————————————- Group 5 Submission —————————————————- Group 6 Submission                 Read More »

How a Crossing Bridges Trip is Organized Every Year

2014 wlll  be the 11th edition of Crossing Bridges. When this project was started in 2004, participants were not many in its early years ……. with an average of 30 to 50 participants for each trip.   As more countries join the Fraternity of Crossing Bridges, the number of participants has been increasing year after year. Most participants pay a non-profit ... Read More »

Crossing Bridges 7 – Western Visayas 2010

credit : Dewi Sergio After their first participation at the 2009 explosive Crossing Bridges 6 in Indonesia, the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) led by Ms Eduviges Huang and her team immediately took up the challenge of hosting Crossing Bridges 7 in the Western Visayas Many visitors have been to Cebu City and the famous resort island of Mactan.  ... Read More »

Crossing Bridges 6 Wild West Sumatra Trip Report

Many of us have been to Indonesia’s more popular locales like Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bromo even Jogjakarta.  Few have spent much time exploring the wilder areas of Indonesia.  Therefore for Crossing Bridges 6 being’s turn to organize the 2009 edition, the theme Wild Wild West Sumatra was proposed and accepted immediately. None have been to the areas proposed….. wild ... Read More »

Images and Video clips from CB5 Siem Reap 2008

Photographers from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia spent the week in Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat complex areas socializing, sharing and enduring the relentless heat Apart from shooting,  close friendships were forged and understandings of each country’s photography situations and developments were shared.  Different styles of photography and photo-processing were examined together with equipment usage and other innovations     Read More »